December 9, 2021

In September 2020 the City formally adopted the Parking Benefit Zone policy covering areas adjacent to downtown, including a significant portion of the Northeast Neighborhood. The program is intended to empower neighborhood residents to limit the impact of spillover parking from nearby development by establishing parking permit districts.
At present, the statutory elements for the program are in place (see Bozeman Municipal Code Sec. 36.04.603). However, due to pandemic disruptions and the departure of the City's previous parking manager, the actual rules enabling residents to create or dissolve districts were never adopted by the Parking Commission. 
It remains a to-do item for the new Transportation Board to adopt the rules allowing residents to create and dissolve permit districts. The proposed rules (presented to City Commission at its February 3, 2020 meeting) would give residents the ability to create (or dissolve) a district by a petition of at least 60% of property owners. For the time being, desiring residents can approach the Transportation Board directly with requests for district establishment.
The eligible neighborhoods are those roughly between the Mountains Walking, The Elm, Cooper Park and Bogert Park (for the actual zone boundary, see this online map).
In the event that the Transportation Board initiates the creation of a parking permit district, residents within the proposed district will be notified (both by mail and posted signs). City code prevents the establishment of a district over the objection of a 60% majority of residents.
As development continues in the areas surrounding the Northeast Neighborhood, the City's Parking Benefit Zones are a new tool for minimizing or mitigating the impact of new development on existing residents. - Mark Egge, NENA Active Member 


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