Coming THIS weekend, the 21st annual "Parade of Sheds"  
Below you'll find the Parade route map, and the self-guided tour stop information. Remember all are welcome, dress up (or don't) and join the fun! The parade begins at the climbing boulder on Ida 1:00pm, tour stops will be welcoming participants (and curious folks) until 4:00pm. Hope to see you there:)

   Tour map & Information:

2021 Parade of Sheds...coming soon!!!

Be sure to save the date and mark your calenders for Sunday, September 12th from 1-4PM

The group participation walk/bike parade is back this year! We will meet at the climbing boulder, by the Historic Depot, at 1:00pm to kick off an afernoon that's sure to be a fun & festive neighborhood event. After the parade, there will be a self-guided walking tour of the neighborhood, featuring new and classic stops like a treehouse platform, license plate exhibit, graffiti art and more.  All are welcome to join; bring costumes, musical instruments, strange pets or other oddities. 

This years theme is "THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD" hope to see you there!

check back here for more event information and tour stops...

2020 Parade Of Sheds

Another Wacky Parade of Sheds: This year’s 20th anniversary of  the Parade of Sheds did not disappoint. We celebrated the quirky oddities of Northeast Bozeman with a self-guided tour, a bike decorating contest and scavenger hunt—sadly forgoing the usual group participation walk/bike parade because of COVID concerns. 

Our self-guided tour boasted a record-breaking 20 stops, featuring not only sheds and backyards but also neighborhood icons, businesses, and natural areas. New stops this year included antique cars, friendly horses, murals, gardens, and a groovy backyard retreat. Businesses like Starlite Dance Studio, Tinworks Art, the Extreme History Project, and AlterCyle also joined in the fun. Bozone Brewing proudly displayed the neighborhood’s newly restored iconic rooftop bike family, which will soon find a home atop the taproom.


If you missed the Parade of Sheds, you can still complete the scavenger hunt at any time – it’s a great way to see the neighborhood with fresh eyes. You can also check out all the entries in the bike decorating contest on our Instagram, @NENABozeman. The winners securing the most “likes” featured live karaoke, a homemade synthesizer, bongos and more. They took home a gift certificate donated by Treeline Coffee, and our decorative bike trophy to display until next year’s contest. Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the Parade of Sheds, we hope to see you again next year!

2019 Parade Of Sheds

On Saturday, September 14, 2019, we held our (mostly) annual Parade of Sheds, with great success. This is one of NENA’s signature events, bringing friends and neighbors together while showcasing the quirky and unique character of our corner of town. Since we missed the parade in 2018, it was great to have a comeback this year.

What is the Parade of Sheds? It is OUR version of the annual Parade of Homes tour of high end, newly built homes all over Bozeman. The difference is, with the Parade of SHEDS, you take home practical ideas like what plants grow with less water, the tall trees in your yard should support a giant tree house, and Swedish pancakes are yummy!

This year, more than 50 people participated in the parade, with the expected assortment of costumes, capes, wigs, and bells and whistles, both literal and figurative. It was especially delightful to see so many kids join the Parade.  Thanks to all our NENA friends who joined in the fun!

There were thirteen stops on the self-guided “Parade of Homes style” tour, a special thank you goes out to our hosts: 
Bobbi and Bill Clem shared their e-car charging station, hosted by Nathan Combs
Gregg Switzer grilled up burgers for all
Jeanne Wesley-Weise created a living wall of flowers & shared u-pick plums
Jay & Åsa Pape—longtime favorites—offered Swedish pancakes made by a real Swede
Zelpha Boyd welcomed us to her proper cottage garden
Dana Pepper helped kids build & decorate tiny sheds
Rebecca Taylor took us to a higher plane on her treehouse platform
Deidre Booth & Kevin Young shared hops, butterscotch & their Schwinn bike collection
Erin Shanahan whooped it up with her whooping cranes mural
Annie Woodward let us tour her water efficient garden where Vickie Backus of Vickie’s Pierogies cooked up yummy pierogies
The Bozeman History Project welcomed visitors to their office in Bozeman’s historical red light district
Guy & Morgan Alsentzer put on the pig, chicken, dog & garden show
Reno Walsh added 30 new plates to his Bozeman License Plate Exhibit

Several local businesses generously donated materials, including burgers from Heebs Fresh Market and kids’ shed construction kits from Simkins Hallin. Finally, thanks for the hard work of the coordinating committee, including Alison Berry, Deidre Booth, Nathan Combs, Amy Ference, Amy Hoitsma, Gregg Switzer and Rebecca Taylor. We are already looking forward to next year’s event­—let us know if you would like to get involved!