City Of Bozeman Development Code Update

This project is all about implementing the vision and goals established in our city’s guiding documents such as the 2020 Community Plan (aka “Growth Policy), the Climate Plan, and strategic priorities like affordable housing.

These broad visions, goals, and priorities are implemented through the Unified Development Code or “UDC” or “the code.” The UDC sets forth regulations around what kinds of development can occur in which areas through development standards and zoning districts.

The goal for this engagement effort is to consult the community on how to improve the usability of the UDC and how the regulations in the UDC can help us accommodate growth while meeting community goals in our Community Plan, Climate Plan, and others.

Throughout the project residents, developers, builders, and the community at large will be consulted on specific topics relevant to how different people interact with the code. Specific focus areas will be:

Formatting, organization of the UDC
Zoning Districts
Park Standards


Parks, Recreation & Active Transportation Plan

The City Of Bozeman needs our input as they plan for the future and create a new Parks, Recreation, and Active Transportation (PRAT) Plan.


May/June 2023
NENA Spring Meeting 


NENA Survey

  • 220 engaged community members participated in the January 2022 Survey. We appreciate everyone's time, interest, engagement, and comments. 
  • The results of this survey may not impact whether or not an issue is addressed by any of the mentioned organizations including the City of Bozeman, Gallatin County, the Montana Department of Transportation, or Montana Rail Link
  • See the January 2022 NENA Survey here: