Finding A Spot

March 8, 2021  5:30-7:00 pm 

Parking is one important part of a transportation system that provides access our vibrant downtown, thriving university campus, and unique neighborhoods. The Parking Services Division and Neighborhoods Program are partnering to bring folks together to continue to build common understanding of the City’s approach to parking management and hear from neighbors and downtown stakeholders about the interests and values that they would like to see reflected in parking solutions moving forward. NENA neighbors are invited to the following session focused on residential parking in neighborhoods near Downtown Bozeman!

This will be the second meeting on this important topic. This session will talk about how folks’ input can contribute to future parking management policies in the downtown area. Residents of neighborhoods and downtown stakeholders are both invited to participate in that second session on March 8th.

Watch and listen to the first meeting here:

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WHO: Neighbors and residents of neighborhoods adjacent to downtown. Renters, owners, families, students and young professionals living with roommates, folks who work or run a business from home, people with disabilities or special needs, long-time Bozemanites, and newcomers alike. 

WHAT: Learn about our approach to managing overflow into residential areas and participate in small group discussions on how neighbors can help contribute to future solutions. 

WHY: We want to hear your input on what kind of benefits you envision in a potential parking benefit zone if one were needed to help manage downtown parking overflow in your neighborhood.


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