NENA Meetings happen twice a year, generally once in the spring and once in the fall. Meetings may be in person or virtual. In addition to the NENA Meetings, NENA hosts Virtual Townhalls that focus on certain objectives.  If you are interested in helping with the meetings please email 

Previous Meetings and Agendas

NENA 2021 Spring Meeting

Thursday, May 13 6:00 to 7:30 PM

NENA 2021 Spring Update Meeting Minutes _5.13.21.pdf

Watch and listen to the 2021 Spring Meeting here:



  • 2 Min: Welcome & WebEx Intro

  • 1 Min: Treasurer Report   

  • 5 Min: Treasurer and Secretary Election   

  • 5 Min: Idaho Pole Update

    •   Contact: Roger Hoogerheide, EPA,

  • 15 Min: North Central Development Update ​

    •   Contact: Lindsay Pittard, Home Base Partners,

  • 5 Min: Wildlands - The Wild Crumb Building and surrounding area's redevelopment

    • Contact: Jeff Lusin, 45 Architecture, ​

  • 2 Min: Brewery Site and Tinworks Development Update

    • ​Contact: Erik Nelson, Think Tank,

  • 5 Min: Vision NE Committee Update

    • Contact: Karen Flipovich, Vision NE Committee Director, 

  • 10 Min: Community Solar Arrays 

    • Presenter: Kevin Cray, Mountain West Regional Director 
      Coalition for Community Solar Access (CCSA) Contact: Dani Hess, Neighborhoods Program Coordinator, dhess@BOZEMAN.NET

  • 2 Min: Building Heights Code Update 

    •  Contact: Jacob Miller, City Of Bozeman Planning, 

  • 5 Min: Affordable Housing Fund Raiser 

  • 2 Min: Front Street Connector Update

    • Contact: Matt Marcinek, GVLT,    

  • 3 Min: Indreland Audubon Wetland Preserve Update  

    • Contact: Chris Nixon,

  • 2 Min: Rouse/Peach Intersection; Bikes/ Bike Lanes

    • Contact: Jason Delmue,  Acting Chair, Bozeman Area Bicycle Advisory Board,

  • 3 Min: Forestry Update on The Trees of Bozeman's Northeast Neighborhood     

    • Contact: Alex Nordquest, City Forester, 

  • 3 Min: Aspen Bridge Update   

    • Contact: David Fine, City of Bozeman Economic Development, 

  • 5 Min: Quiet Safe Rail Crossings 

    • Contact: David Fine, City of Bozeman Economic Development, 

  • 3 Min: Membership & Committees    

  • 5 Min:  Misc. Items  

NENA 2020 Virtual Winter Meeting

THURSDAY, DECEMBER  17, 6 - 7 pm

  1. Welcome
    1. Minutes
  2. Treasurer Report
  3. Idaho Pole Q&A
    1. The following questions & concerns from NENA Idaho Pole Committee Director, Amy Hoitsma have been shared with the panelists. Amy will restate the questions during the meeting and the panelists will respond to each one at a time.  If time allows, additional questions from meeting participants will be accepted. 
      1. Questions for The City of Bozeman 
        1. The potential developer's first concept plan had envisioned a large development in 3 phases—Phase 1 of which would require 680 parking spaces. How would L Street have to change in order to accommodate that level of traffic wanting to go south to Main St? How would traffic wanting to go east be routed? Would the railroad crossing remain a grade-level crossing? You told us at our last meeting that in order for development like that to move forward, the City Engineering Department would require full development of Front Street, so that the pedestrian trail the City Commission just approved would be replaced with a road. Do you still see that in the future?
        2. Significant infrastructure will be needed before development can occur, yet no tax increment financing will be available until development is completed. How does that work?
        3. How will the City keep the neighborhood informed—in real-time—of all the decisions being considered going forward? Will we have a weighted seat at the table? How and when?
      2. Questions for the EPA
        1. We put our trust in federal, state, and local government agencies to protect our health and the health of the environment, including wetlands and wildlife. In your expert opinion, what type and scale of development—if any—would you consider safe and appropriate for the Idaho Pole site?
        2. I believe you’ve seen the development concept that the potential buyer put together: Would you categorize it as low, medium, or high risk? Who is liable and whose responsibility is it to contain the risk?
        3. Are you aware of any instances where EPA institutional controls failed? What could failure look like for the Idaho Pole site—in other words, what is the worst-case scenario that we need to prepare for?
      3. Questions for the panel
        1. How was Idaho Pole able to leave contamination behind and is there a risk that it could happen again with new owners?
          Could taxpayers end up on the hook?
    2. Panelists
      1. David Fine, Economic Development, City Of Bozeman
      2. Beth Archer, Community Involvement Coordinator, EPA
      3. Roger Hoogerheide, Environmental Protection Specialist, EPA
    3. Additional Questions & Comments from Meeting Participants if time allows.  
      1. Questions and concerns can also be sent to the presenters via email.
      2. The EPA will host a meeting on this subject on Jan. 13. ​​​
  4. Brewery Site and Tinworks Development Update with Erik Nelson of ThinkTank
  5. Building Heights with Chris Saunders, Community Development Manager, City Of Bozeman
  6. Historic Structures Survey with Chris Saunders, Community Development Manager, City Of Bozeman
  7. Rouse/Peach Intersection Bike Lanes with Jason Delmue, Acting Chair, Bozeman Area Bicycle Advisory Board
  8. Northeast Neighborhood Parks & Rec Update with information provided by Addi Jadin, Parks and Recreation Department, City Of Bozeman AJadin@BOZEMAN.NET
    1. Ice rinks are traditionally flooded by Christmas. We need more snow to cover the ground first. Learn more at or call 582-2905 for the most up to date information
    2. Pop-up art event at Story Mill Community Park: "Menagerie of the Imaginary" This event is being planned by Random Acts of Silliness and the Recreation Division in January. For about two-three weeks depending on weather, temporary artwork will be installed at the Story Mill Community Park Great Lawn
    3. Update on the Front Street project: Sanderson Stewart is finishing designs and will be submitting the project for environmental permits and infrastructure reviews by the City and County within the next few weeks.  The asphalt trail location southeast of the bridge has been realigned to be in a location that would still accommodate a future road if that ever comes forward. We expect the project will go out for bid by early February for construction in 2021!
  9. Trust and Community Engagement with Dani Hess, Neighborhoods Program Coordinator, City Of Bozeman
  10. NENA Membership & Committees with Reno Walsh, NENA President
  11. Good Neighbors with Jeremy Mistretta, NENA Vice President
    1. Our neighbors are a big part of the reason the NE Neighborhood might just be The Last Best Neighborhood. NENA sincerely thanks everyone for being such good neighbors.    
  12. Misc. Items
    1. Will start taking nominations for the Secretary and Treasurer Positions at anytime. There will be an election for these positions in the spring. If you are interested or know someone who might be please email 
    2. We want to thank David Viciedo of for his time and patience with us as we work with him to try to improve the NENA Database & NENA site that he also hosts. David is a friend and a good neighbor. 
    3. We are planning for the April 24 Spring Clean Up Day Event and will have more details as the date nears. Let us know if you want to get involved by emailing us at or update your profile.  
    4. MSU Students are helping NENA describe and protect our neighborhood character. You can help. Please fill out this survey to help us understand what you care about in the North East neighborhood. 
      1. We are looking for someone to help us update the NENA Vision NE Objective Page. If someone is interested in helping out, please contact us at 
    5. Tinworks & Brewery Project Townhall: Thursday, January 14: Virtual Townhall with Erik Nelson of Think Tank; 6:00 to 7:00PM; Login information at 
    6. EPA/ DEQ Virtual Meeting; Wednesday January 13, from 6:30 to 8:00PM; Login information at   
    7. The city will print and mail two newsletters for NENA next year. This is a $1300 Value! NENA will only need to cover the difference in cost between a postcard and a newsletter which comes to around $300. We want to thank the City of Bozeman for helping us make the newsletter possible and for helping us distribute the NENA News safely and efficiently. 
    8. Donations: over $600 in Donations since November 1 - Thank you! 
      1. Kenyon Noble sponsored the recent newsletter. Their generous donation covered the cost of mailing the letter which got them out faster and in a safe way. Thank you! 
      2. We are looking for a sponsor of the 2021 Spring and Fall Newsletters. These sponsorships are $450 apiece. Sponsorship includes ad space in the newsletter, facebook campaign, inclusion in Newsletter Email Campaign, and a thank you during the bi-annual meetings. Businesses can combine their marketing dollars to co-sponsor a newsletter. Email for more info.
  13. Closing


NENA Virtual Summer 2020 Meeting


1.    Welcome (Amy Kelley Hoitsma)
2.    Intro to Webex and Election Process
3.    Officer Nominations for President and Vice President (Vickie Backus)
4.    Treasurer Report (Jeanne Wesley-Weise)
5.    Parking Ordinance 2033 (Ed Meece, Bozeman Parking Program Manager)
6.    Quiet Rail Crossings (David Fine, Bozeman Economic Development Specialist)
7.    Cottonwood/Ida Update (Erik Nelson, ThinkTank) 
8.    Front St. Trail/Idaho Pole Update (Addi JadinParks Planner and Development Manager)
9.    INC Update (Dani Hess, Neighborhoods Coordinator)
10.  Parade of Sheds 20th Anniversary (Amy Kelley Hoitsma)
11.  PhotoVoices Recap & Update (Cathy Costakis)