NENA Meetings happen twice a year, generally once in the spring and once in the fall. Meetings may be in person or virtual. 

If you are interested in helping with the meetings please let us know. 

Future Meetings and Agendas

NENA 2020 Virtual Winter Meeting

THURSDAY, DECEMBER  17, 6 - 7 pm

Stay tuned to login and call-in information as well as an agenda.


Previous Meetings and Agendas


NENA Virtual Summer 2020 Meeting


1.    Welcome (Amy Kelley Hoitsma)
2.    Intro to Webex and Election Process
3.    Officer Nominations for President and Vice President (Vickie Backus)
4.    Treasurer Report (Jeanne Wesley-Weise)
5.    Parking Ordinance 2033 (Ed Meece, Bozeman Parking Program Manager)
6.    Quiet Rail Crossings (David Fine, Bozeman Economic Development Specialist)
7.    Cottonwood/Ida Update (Erik Nelson, ThinkTank) 
8.    Front St. Trail/Idaho Pole Update (Addi JadinParks Planner and Development Manager)
9.    INC Update (Dani Hess, Neighborhoods Coordinator)
10.  Parade of Sheds 20th Anniversary (Amy Kelley Hoitsma)
11.  PhotoVoices Recap & Update (Cathy Costakis)