NENA Officers

Reno Walsh, President
Jeremy Mistretta, Vice President
                            , Secretary
David Chambers, Treasurer


NENA Administration



NENA Membership

Resident Membership - If someone lives or works within the NENA Boundaries, they are a Resident Member
Active Membership - If someone has signed up to stay informed and get involved, they are an Active Member

Current Administration's Strategic Plan

In addition to representing NENA's Mission and primary goals, outlined on our Home Page, this is the current administration's strategic plan for its two-year term: 
  • Strengthen a sense of community
  • Increase Active Member membership
  • Increase Active Member participation
  • Improve and increase committee activity 
  • Improve communication 
  • Improve fundraising 
  • Improve the website
  • Organize all files and databases
  • Create and host biannual meetings
  • Create and host single issue NENA Town Hall Meetings when necessary
  • Enhance and maintain NENA's natural ecosystems 
    • ‚ÄčNENA Trees
    • Trails
    • Pocket Parks
  • Create, publish and distribute biannual mailed newsletters
  • Create and host the annual Parade Of Sheds

NENA Boundaries

  • The East Boundary is North Broadway Street; The West Boundary is North Grand Avenue; East Mendenhall Street is the South Boundary; Oak Street is the North Boundary
  • Click here to explore these boundaries on Google Maps. 


Learn more about Bozeman's neighborhoods  


NENA Bylaws



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