NENA Officers

President: Vacant
Vice President: Vacant
Secretary: Vacant
David Chambers 

NENA Advisors

Reno Walsh 
Jeremy Mistretta
Amy Hoitsma


NENA Membership

Resident Membership: If someone lives or works within the NENA Boundaries, they are a Resident Member
Active Membership: If someone has signed up to stay informed and get involved, they are an Active Member

Walsh/Mistretta Administration's Strategic Plan

In addition to representing NENA's Mission and primary goals, outlined on our Home Page, this is the current administration's strategic plan for its two-year term: 
  • Strengthen a sense of community
  • Increase Active Member membership
  • Increase Active Member participation
  • Improve and increase committee activity 
  • Improve communication 
  • Improve fundraising 
  • Improve the website
  • Organize all files and databases
  • Create and host biannual meetings
  • Create and host single issue NENA Town Hall Meetings when necessary
  • Enhance and maintain NENA's natural ecosystems 
    • ‚ÄčNENA Trees
    • Trails
    • Pocket Parks
  • Create, publish and distribute biannual mailed newsletters
  • Create and host the annual Parade Of Sheds

NENA Boundaries

  • The East Boundary is North Broadway Street; The West Boundary is North Grand Avenue; East Mendenhall Street is the South Boundary; Oak Street is the North Boundary
  • Click here to explore these boundaries on Google Maps. 


Learn more about Bozeman's neighborhoods  


NENA Bylaws



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