NENA Trees

  • 2022: NENA and the City Of Bozeman planted four trees in Centennial Park. One tree was planted on the east boulevard of N. Grand southeast of the intersection with E Aspen. Three others were planted south of the playground equipment. 
  • 2022: NENA purchased two trees as a part of the NENA Trees program. One tree was planted on the boulevard at the SE corner of Beall Park on N. Black. The other was planted on the boulevard on the west side of Centennial Park on N. Grand. 
  • 2021: NENA partnered with the City Of Bozeman to plant three trees donated by the city within the NENA Boundaries. These trees were planted on the south side of Centennial on the boulevard of Cottonwood Street. 


NENA Trees Planted: 2 

NENA + City of Bozeman Trees Planted: 7

Total Trees Planted as of May 20, 2022: 9

90% of the 220 Active Community Members who participated in the January 2022 NENA Survey supported the launch of the NENA Trees Program.

NENA will plant two trees a year, at a minimum, if NENA has greater than $500 in the bank.  
If NENA has more than $1000 in the bank then they will commit to planting three trees; >= $1500 four trees; >= $2000 five trees. 
NENA will not plant more than five trees in one year. 

Exceptions to these guidelines may be made in exceptional circumstances. For example, if NENA received a $5000 Donation and the doner asks that the money be put towards trees. 



Eventually, we would like to embed a Google Map here that shows the location and species of each tree. Please let us know if that is something you would like to create. 


Trees Are The Answer


2022 Tree Planting in Centennial Park

2021 Tree Planting on Cottonwood Street