September 28, 2021

A parking resolution was passed recently by the Parking Commission on a 3-1 vote to eliminate parking minimums in any B3 zoning (especially downtown).
Parking Commissioner Paul Neubauer would likely have voted no (making it 3-2)  but was not able to connect to the meeting due to IT problems. 

Commissioners that voted for the amended resolution did so to help drive more people to multi-modal transportation downtown and potentially in other parts of the city.  
Having fewer cars on the road can reduce congestion, and reduce carbon emissions to help control climate change.  But, more steps might need to be in place before just saying no parking minimums in B3 in Bozeman. 

This is only a resolution. It needs to be approved. If you want to get involved in a a multi-neighborhood working group to learn more and do more please email 

Community members can also reach out directly to Mike Veselik, Economic Development, City of Bozeman with questions or concerns: 

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Bozeman Parking Commission recommends the Bozeman City Commission and Planning and Zoning Commissions adopt the below parking requirements in the Unified Development Code for residential, commercial, and mixed use developments:

  • A minimum of one parking space per 1000 SF of conditioned space
  • A maximum of three surface parking spaces per 1000 SF of conditioned space
  • Required parking shall be rounded to the nearest whole parking space (e.g. 1400 SF = 1 parking space; 1600 SF = 2 parking spaces), to the nearest square foot and with halves rounded up
  • For mixed use developments, requirements for commercial and residential uses shall be calculated separately, with a reduction of up to 50% of the lesser of the two requirements allowed
  • Affordable housing developments, developments within one half mile of high frequency transit stops, the B-3 Zoning District, and redevelopments of less than 5000 SF are exempted from required minimums
  • No additional credits or reductions are given or allowed except for a residential allowance of one parking space per 24 linear feet of parkable curb frontage (or alternative parking arrangement approved by the City)
  • Exceptions to these requirements, for qualifying developments, are available through a Planned Unit Development, subject to City Commission review and approval

Learn more by clicking here: Policy Subcommittee Recommendations on Code-Based Minimums working copy 2.pdf


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