October 9, 2020

Approval for trails projects on Commission Agenda Tuesday!

Front St Trail Map Bozeman
After long delays due to Rouse St, the City of Bozeman is considering the approval for a trail that connects Wallace to Oak St and the Cannery District, as well as other planned trails. The City Commission will vote on, Tuesday, October 13.

We are excited to let you know that two trail and pathway projects that Gallatin Valley Land Trust has been working on with the City of Bozeman through the Trails, Open Space and Parks (TOP) bond are scheduled for final review by the City Commission!  Hopefully both projects will be approved and funded this coming Tuesday, October 13th at the City Commission meeting.
For your reference, I’ve attached the City Commission Meeting notice at the end of this email.  The meeting starts at 6:00PM and is being conducted through the WebEx online meeting platform as described in the meeting notice. You can “attend” the meeting through WebEx, and if you would like to comment on the projects you can use the Commission’s Comment Page here or linked from the meeting notice. If you wish to speak during the public comment period on behalf of one or both of the projects during the meeting, you will need to follow the directions provided for alerting City staff that you would like to speak and they will activate your audio and allow you to address the Commission. 
Specifically, Action Item #2 relates to approval of additional funds needed to complete the Front Street Connector Pathway that has been delayed by MDT’s Rouse Ave reconstruction project. The Rouse project is now complete in that area and we 1) support the Trails Open Space and Parks (TOP) Committee’s recommendation to provide the additional funding, and 2) we support City staff’s recommendation that the pathway project be allowed to proceed. The project has been delayed for over five years and is needed to close a gap in the City’s trail and path network and provide safe connections between Oak St, Rouse Ave, the Northeast Neighborhood, Story Mill Community Park, Path to the M and Drinking Horse, and the Public Safety Building being built now.
Action Item #4 addresses a much-needed trail and pathway connection project we are working on with the City of Bozeman. GVLT’s submission focuses on creating an east-west trail and pathway network, with an interconnected West Side Loop Trail. The project seeks to connect neighborhoods, schools, parks, and workplaces and includes a significant wayfinding component to guide trail users to their destinations. Trail improvements and some new trails are also part of the project.  We support the recommendation of the TOP Committee to fund the project at the level recommended, at a minimum, to move this project forward.  This project is envisioned as a first phase of expanding the Main Street to the Mountains trail system into new areas of town and the valley.
We are hoping you’ll be able to lend your support for these two GVLT projects through comments to the Commission. Feel free to contact one of the Matts if you have questions or need additional information.

MATT PARSONS  Trails Director
406.587.8404 ext. 103
212 S. Wallace Suite 101  Bozeman, MT 59715
www.GVLT.org ▪ Watch our video – Main Street to the Mountains

MATT MARCINEK  Community Trails Program Manager
406.587.8404 ext. 104 Cell 406.570.5169
212 S. Wallace Ave., Suite 101  Bozeman, MT 59715
www.GVLT.org ▪ Watch our video – Main Street to the Mountains

Please share your thoughts and concerns with the City Commission!

You can attend Tuesday's virtual meeting via Webex:

Click the Register link, enter the required information, and click submit.

Click Join Now to enter the meeting.

Via Phone:  This is for listening only if you cannot watch the stream    
+1-650-479-3208    Access code: 126 158 6064

[Five or ten minutes before the 6 pm meeting, click the "Register" link, enter the required information, and click "submit." Click "Join Now" to enter the meeting.]

Thank you for all you do for the neighborhood!


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