July 24, 2018

Originally posted by Tanya Andreasen, Neighborhood Coordinator for the City of Bozeman.

The Bozeman Community Plan is being updated.  This is an opportunity to consider our community, and how we would like to shape its evolution and growth.  The following is the news event posted about Planning Week for the update process, beginning the first full week in August.  There are dates for public meetings, including a sign up page, as well as a community wide survey. 

Planning Week – August 6-9, 2018
For the Love of Bozeman

What do you like about Bozeman? How can it be better? Where should it grow in the future? We need your thoughts on these and other questions as the City updates the Bozeman Community Plan. This document outlines priorities and policies for the growth and development of Bozeman so that it can remain a vibrant and enjoyable place to live and work. Planning Week is the first step in reaching out to the citizens of Bozeman to help answer these questions. The new project website at www.bozeman.net\communityplan has surveys, opportunity to sign up to participate in listening sessions, submit public comments, and schedules for public events where you can share your thoughts. Please come and help Bozeman be the best it can be.

 If you would like to continue to participate please sign up for the City's eNotification service at the top right of the website www.bozeman.net. There you can select what City projects you wish to keep up with and receive notices as events are scheduled.

Please continue to look at the Projects page on the City’s website to keep an eye on public engagement opportunities, surveys, and more for this and other projects. 


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