April 24, 2021


Greetings from the Forestry Division!

Our arborists work throughout the City to maintain our public trees. We work in boulevard spaces (area between the sidewalk and street curb), public parks, and other city-maintained spots. Residents are responsible for trees on their private property, but together public and private trees contribute to our urban forest. We all enjoy the environmental and health benefits provided by the trees around us.
You can contact the Forestry Division for planting, pruning, and removal concerns. We also assess trees for insect and disease issues. Residents can help us maintain healthy trees by watering and mulching the trees in their boulevards.The big picture for our urban forest is all about species diversity. The vast majority of Bozeman’s trees are one single species – Green Ash. As we remove older, declining trees, we replant with a wide variety of species to make Bozeman more resilient to pests, disease, and climate issues. Maples are our second most-planted tree. We don’t want to repeat the problem with Green Ash, so please consider options aside from Maples when planning for your landscape.”

Contact Alex Nordquest at ANordquest@BOZEMAN.NET for more information. 


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