November 29, 2021

The Northeast Urban Renewal Board selected the construction of a bridge from the trail along Bozeman Creek to Aspen Street as their next project. KLJ is providing engineering on the project and Ken VanDeWalle, an architect and resident of the area, is providing architectural design for the project. Once design is finished, the goal is to complete construction before the end of the 2022 construction season. To provide comment on the project, please contact David Fine, Economic Development Program Manager at 

Below is comment regarding the bridge from a NENA resident/member, Lucia Stewart:
"As the homeowner of where the Aspen Street bridge is going to be installed, I have been a supporter of this community and pedestrian asset for 14 years, and its amazing that its finally here. But there is some appropriate integration that could be considered in this new community asset that I want the residents of NENA to be aware of and their ability to be involved in the project while its in the development phase and how NURB funding is going to be spent.

For example, it is approximately a 4ft sidewalk that is going to be installed the length of the street, onto an 6ft wide bridge, connecting to a single track trail. Is the width of this bridge appropriate for the size of the feeder trails? By reducing the width, it could reduce the removal of trees, and the expense, which could redirect funding to towards extending the N. Church trail, or create a pocket park, a public bench, or art installation at the end of Aspen St. Please email comments and questions to - Author, Lucia Stewart Active Nena Member

Below is a public document that was presented to city officials in early November.




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