November 3, 2018

Bozeman’s decision to adopt a Conservation Overlay District (NCOD) that includes the areas between designated Historic Districts was a gutsy solution in 1991 that made Bozeman a pioneer in the preservation of neighborhood character, scale, and context. The result—27 years later—is well preserved historic districts and neighborhood character that supports a sense of place and a sense of pride for the community.

The NCOD is now being updated. There was concern among many residents that the NCOD would be weakened or removed. The draft report, however, recommends (among other things) retaining the NCOD, while creating two programs within the NCOD boundary to meet the two separate goals of 1) preserving historic buildings and 2) enhancing neighborhood character and context.


FIRST: Review the draft recommendations at

THEN: Come to one of several presentations next week and provide feedback on the draft recommendations.

If you can't attend any of the presentations, you can provide comments to City Historic Preservation Specialist Phillipe Gonzalez at or to project consultants or

You can get more information about the NCOD at the City's website or watch a short video at

Thank you for your neighborhood participation!


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