November 29, 2021

Envisioning NENA's Future through the Vision NE Committee 


NENA residents have been working together to develop a common vision and actions to keep our neighborhood recognizably itself, even as changes wash over Bozeman and the region. NENA's Vision NE committee is a working group focusing on neighborhood character and changes in planning and code that affect the neighborhood. 


For the last two years, the group has been working with the MSU professors Sarah Church and Susanne Cowan and their planning and architecture students. Students are working to characterize the neighborhood through an extensive housing inventory and gauge attitudes and priorities through interviews and a survey. Students have also worked on matching the 2019 PhotoVoice project priorities to existing code and planning priorities as well as developing infographics and outreach methods to help residents successfully engage in development processes.  Collectively, these projects are helping identify and quantify the factors that can be used to adapt building code and planning priorities to meet the needs of our unique neighborhood. 


Community Engagement Manager Dani Hess has acted as liaison with the city, and planning staff have worked with the Vision NE community to understand areas of action and are building community engagement tools. In the next few months, it is expected that transitions between B-3 and the adjoining residential areas will be reviewed through a new city engagement process (See transitions article for more detail on how to get involved).  


Vision NE is inviting more residents to take action to ensure that NENA stays funky, fosters our friendly community and supports diverse housing needs. We are expanding our efforts to track developments and offer constructive changes to planning and code. If you’d like to get involved, go to and sign up for the Vision NE committee on the form. If you have questions, please contact Karen at 


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