April 24, 2021


Tinworks (Cottonwood & Ida) Development Project


The Tinworks development project (formerly know as Cottonwood & Ida) was approved by the City Commission as a mixed-use development at the intersection of Cottonwood Street and North Ida Avenue in March of 2019.  The design team has further developed and refined the vision to bring a broad mix of housing opportunities and unique commercial spaces centered around a public plaza.  Construction is slated to begin in August of 2021 with completion in August of 2023.  The latest design includes for-sale and rental units, commercial lease space, and a community-accessible open space to create a LEED certified neighborhood that complements the character of the existing urban fabric.  The project draws from more than three years of community engagement and input from many neighborhood residents who participated in the 2017 R/UDAT process, as well as subsequent conversations with community members to help to shape the project design to better honor the character of the northeast neighborhood and bring much-needed office space and a broader range of housing options. 


Brewery Site Development Project


Additionally, the development team is also in the early stages of developing the former Lehrkind Brewery site. Guided by a number of neighborhood meetings and presentations to the Northeast Urban Renewal Board over the past few years, the design aims to draw from the ideals of the community to create a project that complements the Tinworks by creating pedestrian-oriented spaces in which people can live and work.  The project design includes structured parking to contain the vehicular parking needs of its own inhabitants, as well as those of the broader neighborhood, to relieve the burden of parking on the rest of the site and beyond, while maximizing light, air, and views in the private and communal living spaces.  The project seeks to provide over 160 parking spaces, create a mix of residential units to better serve the ‘missing middle’, and provide roughly 8,000 sf of commercial space along Wallace. Following roughly the same timeline beginning construction in June 2022 and completing in August 2023, this project holds the overarching goal of creating a unique places where artists, tradesman, and entrepreneurs of all kinds can live and work while proudly celebrating its eclectic past and present.   


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