September 9, 2020

The City of Bozeman is considering the creation of an Urban Renewal District (URD) at the Pole Yard area in northeast Bozeman, part of which was recently delisted as a federal Superfund site (due to contamination resulting from former wood-treating operations—click on "What are the Environmental Issues on this Site" for more info). The URD ultimately would help finance infrastructure like roads, sewer, water in this currently undeveloped site. The city's website has much more information here.

As we learned from City staff at the last NENA meeting, interest has already been expressed for a mixed-use development at the site. More information on the status of contamination at the site and restrictions on development can be found here.

Click here before 6 pm to register and join the meeting: WebEx meeting link

NENA residents, please drop in to this meeting to learn about URDs, ask questions, state your concerns, and provide input to the City Commission on whether the URD should be available as a tool to redevelop this area. 


September 15th, 6pm: Online City Commission meeting to adopt a "Resolution of Necessity" and "statement of blight" (go to to join)

Aug-Sept 16th - The second step required to create a URD is the completion of a URD Plan. This plan is an "enabling document" meaning that it sets the stage for the types of projects that are eligible to use TIF funding.  

October 5th, 6pm- Online Planning Board meeting: The Planning Board must review the URD Plan to determine that the plan is in conformance with the Bozeman Community Plan, and the proposed Pole Yard URD is zoned for uses in accordance with the Bozeman Community Plan. Planning Board Review of URD Plan with a TIF provision

October 6th - Mailing and public noticing to property owners within the study area of 10/27 City Commission public hearing to adopt URD Plan

October 13th, 6pm - Online City Commission meeting: URD Plan brought before City Commission after Planning Board review. No action will be taken. (go to to join)

October 27th, 6pm - Online City Commission meeting: Public hearing and first reading of URD Plan and Ordinance

November 10th OR 17th, 6pm - Online City Commission meeting: Second reading and adoption of the Plan and District boundaries by Ordinance (go to to join)

Dec 10 or 17, 2020 – Ordinance becomes effective

Jan 2021 – Certification documents submitted to the Montana Department of Revenue

You can provide your input in the following ways: 

Thank you for all you do for the neighborhood!


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