March 18, 2020

Hello NENA Neighbors:

As of Friday, March 13, Bozeman has its first presumptive positive case of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  Here are actions you, your family, and friends can take to slow the spread of this virus.

1.    It is IMPERATIVE right now for people to avoid going to gatherings large or small for immediate future.  Also strongly consider postponing or canceling events or gathering you are planning.

  • WHY?  Slowing the spread of COVID-19 reduces the number of people who get infected at the same time.  This helps reduce the number of critically sick people who need medical care all at once, so the hospital and clinics are not overwhelmed and have more available resources to treat patients over time.  This is “flattening the curve.”
  • Putting others first also is crucial. While a person may feel they are capable of assessing their own personal risk in going places, if they are infected and do not yet show symptoms, they are putting many others at risk and increasing the spread of the virus through contact.

2.    Follow guidelines for frequent handwashing, not touching face, and cleaning handrails and countertops regularly.  

  • Sing “Happy Birthday” twice while washing & rinsing hands (20 sec).

3.    Eat healthy, keep hydrated, and get enough sleep.  

  • Home/isolate if sick.

4.    Be kind and considerate.  

  • Be alert to nearby neighbors with health issues, especially those 60 and older.  
  • Give them a call to ask if they need groceries, medications or just to talk a bit.

To keep updated on what is happening with the COVID-19 virus, go to Gallatin Valley Health Dept:  They also have a 24/7 information number at 406-582-3100.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is another good source: 

This kind of crisis is one prime reason for Neighborhood Associations to exist.  We can come together in emergencies to account for those around us. Let’s watch out for each other and help our neighbors in need.  

Thank you!

Your NENA Steering Committee


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