August 15, 2018

Originally posted by Suzanne Held on August 15, 2015

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I am your NENA representative for the inter-neighborhood council (INC), which "exists to give a voice to neighbors and neighborhood concerns and facilitate communication between the City and neighborhoods through a representative forum as an advisory board to the City Commission." Below are the meeting minutes from our August meeting last week. These meetings are open to the public and are a great way to learn about what is happening in Bozeman and with the neighborhoods. 

Please note that there are multiple plans being revised in the city at this time. Below, please find some ways to be involved in this planning.

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Thursday, August 9, 2018 | City Hall, Commission Room, 121 N Rouse Ave

Attending: Jennifer Rockne (SCAN), Kathy Powell (UNA), Suzanne Held (NENA), Ginny Cowan (Bozeman Creek), Gail MacMillan (BPNA), David Steinmuller (The Knolls), Ann Maroney (Knolls), Lilly Stirling (Flanders Creek), Chuck Winn for Neighborhood Coordinator Tanya Andreasen and Commissioner Terry Cunningham 

A.    Call Meeting to Order: Jennifer Rockne called the meeting to order.
B.    Changes to the Agenda: None
C.    Public Comment: No public comment
D.    Approve Minutes – July 12th, 2018 – Ginny moved to approve, David seconded; passed unanimously 
E.    Commission Liaison Update – Commissioner Terry Cunningham
  • Bozeman is in the process of updating multiple plans
  • Here is where to go for how and where to provide input and get involved:
  • Three plans being updated are:
    • Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District (NCOD): Consultants were in town to receive input and are now working on next steps. They will come back around the first week of October to share what they heard and to provide some alternatives and receive more feedback. 
    • Bozeman Community Plan, AKA, Growth Plan: The last time it was updated was 2009. This is to “develop a shared vision for future development in Bozeman.”
    • Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan: was updated in 2009 and “guided growth and strengthened the downtown over the past 9 years.” The goal is to assess and update the plan. There are meetings the week of August 13th to the 17th to provide input. 
F.    Neighborhood Association Updates 
G.    Special Presentation – Seat at the Table, 15 min. A civil discourse initiative to be held throughout Gallatin County October 25th, 2018.

Cathy Costakis and Randy Carpenter, Steering Committee members for Seat at the Table, provided a presentation. Background: about a year ago the Bozeman Area Community Foundation and FutureWest brought together some non-profits to talk about the future of Gallatin County. One of the takeaways from conversation was how meeting local needs is getting challenging. They identified a model of community engagement called On The Table. This model is a way to engage community members in conversations about their towns. 

The plan for Bozeman is that on October 25, people will come together during meal-time conversations to share hopes and concerns about how to maintain a successful community. The gatherings could also happen before or after that date. The idea is to take the information that is shared to help inform the current plans that the city is working on. They are working in collaboration with the city. 

How does it work? Anyone can be a host or superhost where they will invite people to the table for a conversation. There will also be meetings where individuals can come and give input. The hosts will be trained on having civic dialogue and how to hold the space to have this dialogue. Participants will be sent a follow-up survey to gather more information. Presentations will be made to the community. 

After the conversations, Spark grants will be available to support community partnerships to take the ideas generated at the tables to action. 

What does success look like?
  • Getting people engaged
  • People feel ownership
  • More informed decision making and planning
  • Reaching populations that aren’t typically reached
See the link above to get involved

H.    Special Presentation – Bozeman Community Plan, 60 min.
Chris Saunders, Community Development Manager and Tom Rogers, Planning Department, shared that the city is in the process of working on the Bozeman Community Plan. The City has hired consultants to help with this process.

What is the community plan?
  • It is required by law
  • Hope to help sustain our quality of life over time
  • Prioritize where to put investments
The community plan will:
  • Represent a shared vision for the future – it’s a “superplan” that provides guidance for other plans
  • Develop a framework of city goals
  • Illustrate future land use ideas
  • Serve as a tool for monitoring success
The overall process includes four engagement phases:
  1. “For the love of Bozeman” is focused on asking questions about emotional attachment to community and what we want it to look like in the future
  2. “Bozeman talks” looks at trends and who are the people who are coming over the next 20 years
  3. “Bozeman thinks big” identifies opportunities
  4. “The plan”: developing the plan and how it will be monitored
We are at phase 1. This week there were stakeholder interviews, listening sessions, a community ice cream social, a presentation at INC, City Commission, Planning Board Meetings, and an online questionnaire.

Next steps will be:
  • Review of existing plans
  • Coordination of plans
  • Trends and identification of keystone indicators
  • Summary of community values
  • Preliminary goals and policies
  • Bozeman talks: planning week #2 where more input will be gathered
INC members provided answers to these questions:
  • What do I love about Bozeman?
  • In 2040 Bozeman will be…?
  • What would you improve about the city of Bozeman?
How to get involved? There is a lot happening right now and many ways to be involved:
I. Adjournment – the meeting was adjourned at 6:03pm
For more information please contact Tanya Andreasen, Neighborhood Coordinator, at 582-2274 or This board generally meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 4:30 PM. Committee meetings are open to all members of the public. If you have a disability and require assistance, please contact Mike Gray, ADA Coordinator, at 582-3232.

Next meeting: Thursday, September 13, 2018 – 4:30 PM – City Hall, Commission Room

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