Wallace Works is located on the corner of Tamarack and Wallace, and is a new mixed-use development that received site plan approval in March of 2023. This project seeks to address an urgent and growing need for attainable housing in Bozeman while embracing the mixed-use and the diverse architectural character of the NEHMU district. 

The project is moving toward a construction start in Fall of 2024. It will be split into two phases, allowing us the necessary time to make refinements to the North Phase of the project to better achieve our goals of attainable housing.

The South Phase will be first, which includes a small mixed-use “Bodega” building with 4 co-living units above and 11 row houses that will be offered for sale. The North Phase is expected to follow roughly 4-6 months behind the South Phase.

With the Wallace Works project, we’re continuing our commitment to addressing community needs and understanding the impacts: affordable and attainable housing, live-work options, parking, and integrating with the existing design and identity of the neighborhood. The final project includes residential units, a neighborhood market, retail / office space, and on-site parking. The residential units offered at affordable, attainable, and market rates will be a range of 2-bedroom row homes, live/work units, 1 bedroom, and studio units, as well as co-housing options.

Our request to modify the approved site plan to allow for work to proceed in two phases is currently under review. The public comment period for our updates to the North Phase of this project are expected in June 2024. 

Questions or comments? Please reach out to Erik Nelson, Director of Development: erik@nest-partners.com.

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