What do you love and value most about the Northeast Neighborhood?

Now’s your time to show and tell!


PhotoVoicesNE is a Northeast Neighborhood Association (NENA) community art project with a purpose. It’s an opportunity for you to share what you value, love, and want to preserve about our neighborhood. 

All neighbors are invited to submit photos, along with a sentence or two to provide a “voice” to the image. A neighborhood committee will select 50 images, which will be on display August 9-10, 2019 at TINWORKS ART, a pop-up art gallery at the Tinworks warehouse, 719 N. Ida. 

PhotoVoicesNE will be an interactive exhibit, encouraging conversation and writing on the gallery wall. All “voices” will be compiled and used to create a document that defines our neighborhood’s unique character. This document will be presented to the City as an effort to contribute to and influence the creation of neighborhood character design standards and guidelines within the Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District (NCOD).

  • WHO ME? Yes you! Any NENA resident or property owner of any age can participate.
  • YOUR PHOTO: Capture what you value, love, and want to see into the future of our neighborhood. High-resolution images are best because we will be enlarging them for the Tinworks exhibit.
  • YOUR VOICE: Include a brief description of what the photo means to you. How does it capture something unique to the Northeast Neighborhood, something you would like to see continue into the future of our neighborhood?  
  • YOUR CONSENT: When you submit your photo/text you agree that you have obtained written consent for photos of people/property (photovoice-consent-form.docx), that you release ownership of the photo for this project, and that photos and text may be shared with the City of Bozeman’s Neighborhood’s Program for use in City materials including sharing with the Bozeman City Commission and its Planning Board, social media, and the City’s website, and for use in community exhibitions.
  • LIMIT: 2 pictures per person; not all photos may be displayed at the Tinworks Art event.
WHAT SHOULD YOU TAKE PHOTOS OF? Take pictures of anything that resonates with you, but here are some aspects that might be considered when the new standards and guidelines are created: building height, lot setbacks (i.e., where the building sits on the lot), garages/carports, porches, ground floor elevations (commercial/retail), lot width, mass/scale, distinctive building materials, windows, streetscapes, alleys, sidewalks, bike facilities, landscaping, architectural features, fences, car and bike parking, windows, etc. 

TO SUBMIT: Visit upload page.

NOTE: You must be a NENA resident and registered member of this website to upload photos.

Photos/voices must be submitted by SUNDAY, JULY 7, 2019.