July 2, 2018

Posted by Tanya AndreasenCity of Bozeman Neighborhood Coordinator, on NextDoor 7/2/18

The NCOD is a zoning overlay district that was created by the City in 1991 to conserve neighborhood character and protect historic properties. Since the implementation of the NCOD, Bozeman has experienced significant growth both inside and outside of the District. Starting in 2015, the City began to evaluate the effectiveness of the overlay district, and how it affects development, housing, future land use needs, and the preservation of Bozeman's historic resources.

Now, the City of Bozeman has engaged a consultant team (BendonAdams and Orion Planning + Design) to conduct a comprehensive review of the NCOD. This exploration will begin with two weeks of outreach July 13th through the 24th.

Attached to this post is an informational sheet about the NCOD review, and about the ways you can be involved (including volunteer opportunities!). It lists the dates/times/places for these initial outreach events as well.The City will be posting and publishing this information via its channels, but please spread the word to those you know are interested in the issues of historic preservation, the NCOD and Historic District Boundaries, and future development. This post is the first of many about this important process.

See website for more information and useful documents for delving deeper...it will be updated throughout the process, so bookmark it and check back in for updates! www.bozeman.net/city-projects/ncod-review

Please contact Phillipe Gonzalez, Historic Preservation Specialist, with project questions or if you’d like to RSVP for an event.





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