04/29/2022 Update: Safe & Quiet Rail Crossings Update from the City of Bozeman: "The quiet zone design is in process. Staff and the design team finally received comments from Montana Rail Link/BNSF and continue to wait on comments from the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT), although MDT communicated that their comments would require another submission and round of comment. Once the City receives comments from MDT, we expect another review cycle could add another 4 months to the design timeline. We need to understand the final design and get approval from the railroad and the state before we can finalize costs and solicit sources of funding."


​​​The Quiet RR Crossings Committee collaborates with NURB members to get safe, quiet railroad crossings at Griffen, Rouse and L-Street. Tasks include getting funding for a study and working with MDT and the City’s transportation department to get the new crossings installed.

Read about Quiet RR Crossings in Bozeman: what's involved with creating them and the positive impact they can have in our neighborhood. 

Quiet and Safe Rail Crossings Update - The “best-case scenario” is that the Quiet Zone could be implemented at the Wallace St., Rouse Ave. and Griffin Drive Crossings following the completion of the funded Griffin Drive project in late 2021. The Train Horn Rule requires engineers to sound train horns at least 15 seconds, and no more than 20 seconds, in advance of all public grade crossings. Horns must be sounded in a pattern of 2 long, 1 short and 1 long blasts. 

Interestingly, improving one intersection, in this case that would be the Griffin Drive Crossing, could be enough to no longer require trains to blast their horn at the Wallaace Ave. and Rouse Ave. Crossings. The NE Urban Renewal District is in a position to fund improvements to the Wallace Ave. crossing if improvements are required. The Montana Department of Transportation controls the Rouse Ave. crossing. While improvements might not be necessary, MDT may choose to require improvements citing increased liability if the intersection is left as is. The scale and cost of these potential improvements and the lack of an identified funding source could result in an indefinite hold on progress for the project.

The city will publish an update at the end of March 2021. Questions should be sent to David Fine, Economic Development Specialist with the City of Bozeman: dfine@bozeman.net