The Wetlands Creation and Preservation working group aims to preserve the wetland east of the Village Downtown where over 75 different bird species can be found. Let your imagination soar as work towards organizing things like birding and education field outings. If you would like to volunteer with this group, please write with "Wetlands" in the subject line.

from the Sacajawea Audubon website

[March 2020]  "WE ENVISION the wetlands as a gateway to conservation. The IAWP will provide unique opportunities for experiencing wildlife through use of strategically placed, non-obtrusive blinds and observation points, and “windows in the wetlands” to view aquatic activity.

A nature center in Bozeman has been a community dream for decades. SAS plans to turn this dream into a reality by building an innovative, sustainable nature center of architectural importance in close proximity to the restored wetlands. Its size and scope will be dictated by community support and its location.

There is tremendous potential for building trail connectivity and safe wildlife corridors within and adjacent to the IAWP in the future."
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