NENA Working Groups

NENA working groups focus on one particular issue or challenge facing the northeast neighborhood. Groups regularly report their activities and accomplishments to the NENA board and at the Spring and Fall NENA meetings. Please consider volunteering your time, energy, and expertise to participate in one of these working groups!

  • Trails and Open Space concentrates on the development of new trails within the neighborhood and appropriate connections to other trails and amenities. It can also assist with general upkeep of existing trails such as garbage collection during Bozeman's Clean Up day.

  • Vision NE  serves as the “eyes and ears” for the neighborhood for building projects being proposed within the neighborhood.  Its members strive to meet with developers early on and/or get them to present to the neighborhood association as a whole so that future development will maintain and enhance the character of the neighborhood. It can also do outreach for things we might want for the neighborhood in terms of development: an artist/maker cooperative? A preschool? A corner grocery store? The major project the group has been working on is to follow through on the 2019 "PhotoVoicesNE" exhibit in an effort to create new neighborhood character guidelines and standards within City code.

  • Traffic Calming, Parking and Roads works to ensure the impact of increased traffic due to Bozeman's growth does not negatively effectt the quality of life of our members and that transportation policies and any road modifications reflect that our neighborhood is still largely residential.

  • Quiet RR Crossings collaborates with NURB members to get safe, quiet railroad crossings at Griffen, Rouse and L-Street. Tasks include getting funding for a study and working with MDT and the City’s transportation department to get the new crossings installed.

  • Wetlands Creation and Preservation aims to preserve the wetland east of the Village Downtown where over 75 different bird species can be found. Let your imagination soar as work towards organizing things like birding and education field outings.

  • Parade of Sheds and Events Outreach helps promote and sustain the eclectic, funky image of our neighborhood. It organizes our Parade of Sheds event and create other outreach opportunities.

  • Northeast Area Businesses stays current on new policies and regulations that could impact small businesses and can help organize events that showcase them, e.g., the Northeast Summer Stroll.

  • Affordable Housing keeps current on and helps keep members informed of the City of Bozeman's efforts to provide affordable housing.